#Students' Rights
Government of Guyana

These laws were made in the 19th century colonial days when school boys were supposed to be fit and ready for war once colonial masters called upon them and one of the requirements was to have hair no longer than half inch because of the fear of hair pulling during hand to hand combat in war. These laws now days are old and serve no purpose but to drain money out of poor parents pockets to go to the barber some times twice or thrice a week. Having your hair shaved almost bald as a child nowadays is demoralizing and disheartening, most of us young people take pride in our hair and to see it get cut off for a law that is this old and this useless just makes no sense at all.

We the undersigned, call on the Guyanese Government to Repeal and replace the 1/2 inch hair rule from its Public Schools.

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The Repeal and Replace Hair Laws in Guyanese Public Schools petition to Government of Guyana was written by Jeremiah Kalekyezi and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition.