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South Africa

Please take your time to look over the following articles showing the distress our fellow citizens find themselves in.

Enough is enough! 3 MONTHS and still waiting to be able to go home!




Injustice? Inhumanity? Corruption?
What else comes to mind when you hear about the South African government?

We all know South African Airways is a crumbling entity, where flying is not their main priority.

Due to their incompetence and lack of teamwork from SAA, DIRCO, Department of Transportation, NATJOINTS cannot create a safe, affordable and time sensitive solution to repatriate our fellow citizens back home.

These corrupt cronies in the ANC, SAA have gone so far as to ban other airlines that have offered their services to help South Africans return home.

As I type this, it breaks my heart knowing there are fellow citizens trapped abroad, no income, no food, expired visas, fast dwindling savings, fathers that won’t be able to hold their new born baby, mothers that have not seen their kids in months, families being separated because of politics.

Why did the ANC decide to close the borders and not allow other South African citizens to return home to their loved ones?
It is our moral duty to help our fellow countrymen.
That is why today I ask you to sign this petition, share it, make it viral.

Let us stand together and get our people back.

When injustice becomes law, standing together becomes our duty!

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