Barada Information Systems and RadioShack.
Trinidad and Tobago

We are outraged with the current state of our Linx systems in all branches of RadioShack of Trinidad and Tobago. They seem to shut down on their own when we need them and this is cutting down our sales.

I speak from experience because I am a sales representative in the Gulf City Mall branch of RadioShack. One day, our Linx system shut down and we had to wait a whole week to get it up and running. We lost a lot of good customers because they prefer to use Linx to but our items quickly and safely and were a bit disgruntled when they were told that they had to pay with cash. They end up waiting in lines at the ATM to do so.

To make matters worse, they needed to be upgraded. We tried to put the prices of the new items that we recieved only to find out that they are not stored on the system and that we have to update them just to get them in. I had to spend at least an hour to find the right price for a new item. I was bewildered at how a thing like this could happen.

We demand all our Linx systems to be repaired and updated so that we will at least help out our customers in purchasing items faster and more efficiently so we can concentrate on all the other store responsibilities and maintain a wonderful environment to attract more customers and make profits for RadioShack. The Linx system is an essential tool for our business.

We, the undersigned, call on RadioShack and Barada Information Sysytems to repair and upgrade our Linx systems and cashiers in all the stores of RadioShack.

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