Brian Sims
United States of America

A pro-abortion Democrat lawmaker posted a video of himself harassing a peaceful pro-life protester while invoking his office.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims repeatedly bullied the pro-life woman in an unhinged rant as she stood alone outside a Planned Parenthood in his district in southeastern Pennsylvania.Sims called the woman a “racist” and her sidewalk counseling “grotesque.”

He followed her around, hurtling insults at her; and at one point, he got in her face with his camera and ignored her requests to leave her alone.

Sims also doxxed the pro-life woman, subjecting her to potential violence.

Then Sims posted a video of himself doing the same thing to pro-life teen girls.

The videotaping and harassment is shameful, potentially illegal, and is conduct unbecoming a member of the state legislature. Sims should resign immediately.

We call on Representative Brian Sims to resign immediately after this shameful harassment and bullying of a pro-life woman. If he does not resign, the Pennsylvania state legislature should censure him and take whatever other disciplinary measures that are appropriate.

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