The city of Wooster
United States of America

Sick of spending saturday nights roaming wal*mart? Sign this petition showing your support for the restoration of the Manse coffee house. for those of you who didnt get the privlage to visite the manse here is what its all about; On saturday nights from 7:00 till 11:00 the manse coffee house was a great place to just go and hang out, pool tables live bands soda and munchies, pleanty of room to play video games or wach twilight zone marathons. every room in the giant house told a diffrent story in the beautifull hand painted murals that seemed to go on forever. it was a great drug free envyronment for teens to meet with friends and have fun. ofcorse we will need all the community help we can get to get this place running again but i have a feeling that will be half the fun! this pettition is just a nother small step twords our goal. so sighn this pettition and know you had a part in something meaningfull.

We, the undersigned, believe having a place like the manse for teenagers to grow socalize, and find his/her own individuality in a drug free positive environment, would be a benifit and blessing to this community.

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