Orkney Islands Council
United Kingdom

After many years of standing idle the Kirkwall bowling Alley has finally been granted a public open viewing.

The council have invited talks regarding rental of the property based on a 5 year lease, we feel that this public owned building should be allowed to be run on behalf of the community providing secure employment with all profits going back in to the community.

This style of business we feel is a fresh approach to community enterprise allowing community funds to be raised “not by grants and hand-outs “ but by sustainable professionally run community businesses.

Orkney is placed to be a bench mark, where such community businesses with your help can re write the very meaning of “community enterprise” and provide a long term sustainable asset.

We wish to use the Bowling Alley as one of these Businesses run under charitable status, and involve the community in the set-up and running of the business. We would like the Orkney Islands Council to assist in it's creation.

Thanks for you time and interest.

We the undersigned, call on the Orkney islands council to facilitate the re-opening of the Kirkwall Power-bowl as a Community Interest business run under charitable status.

The Reopen Kirkwall Bowling Alley as a community interest business run under charitable status petition to Orkney Islands Council was written by Paul Dawson and is in the category Business at GoPetition.