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Netflix, Inc.; Hulu

Doctor Who...iconic, historically relevant, innovative, thought provoking, the longest running sci-fi series in history...

Up until the end of 2015, users of the streaming services Hulu and Netflix figured that Doctor Who episodes would be readily available to watch for years to come. That was until the announcement that streaming rights were set to expire and would not be renewed under the new contract between said services and BBC. Netflix called for calm, stating that Doctor Who episodes would remain available well past the January 31st, 2016 streaming rights expiry date, however...that was just a tease.

Now millions of viewers of this iconic show from around the globe are QUESTIONING their SUPPORT for Hulu and Netflix as a result of the failure to reach a new contract that renewed streaming rights to BOTH classic and new Doctor Who episodes.

Streaming rights expire every single day, for tens of thousands of shows, but they don't have to! So which service will heed the call to action first? Netflix or Hulu?


We, the undersigned, call on streaming services Netflix and Hulu; renew streaming rights to both Classic and new Doctor Who series.

Listen to the voices of several generations of Doctor Who fans and viewers, listen to the future generations of Whovians; THE longest running and most iconic sci-fi series in television history does not deserve to be swept under the rug.

Please renew streaming rights with BBC in 2016!

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