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We the collective students, parents, and community members of Lovejoy ISD are greatly disappointed by the district’s recent decision to non-renew the College and Career Counselor position currently occupied by Mr. Randy Trevino. In order to sustain Lovejoy High School’s reputation as a preparatory institution that enables its students to enjoy success in college and beyond, Mr. Trevino’s position is vital.

Non-renewing his position would have a difficult effect on students (particularly next year's graduating class of 2020) who have already called upon his services to begin their college search processes. Not to mention, eliminating his position would place additional strain on the other members of the counseling department, forcing them to take on an even heavier workload. Over the last few years, the district has reported that at least 94% of its students have attended college after graduating. If that same trend continues, the class of 2020, which consists of 384 students, would enroll approximately 346 students at colleges after graduation. While LHS is blessed with another outstanding College and Career Counselor, it is very difficult to imagine that just one counselor has the time to attend specifically to the college and career needs of so many students on a daily basis. As new homes and neighborhoods continue to be developed and the population of Lovejoy increases, the College and Career Counseling position will only become more essential. The district believes that it cannot afford this position due to a lack of funding, but in reality, the district cannot afford to lose this position.

From a personal standpoint, Mr. Trevino has played an integral role in the academic careers of both my older brother (now at Baylor University) and myself (a junior at LHS). Whether the task entails a letter of reference, the arrangement of a meeting with a college adviser, or the sending of a copy of a transcript to a college, Mr. Trevino can always be depended upon. Mr. Trevino is an outstanding adviser, not only because of his valuable experience and influential connections, but also because of his ability to develop personal relationships with all of his students. I am certain that many--if not all--of the hundreds of other students he has advised during his tenure at Lovejoy would echo that sentiment.

While we understand that LISD is experiencing financial pressure, we strongly urge the district to allocate budget space towards the renewal of Mr. Trevino’s contract as College and Career Counselor.

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