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Brooklyn nine-nine is being cancelled by Fox TV after only 5 seasons and it's the best TV show on Earth (in my opinion). It is a show that never judges or belittles gender, sexualities, races or religions but instead celebrates this. Brooklyn nine-nine is a show that is original and it has managed to be funny for five years without offending anyone. It is one of the most influential and hilarious shows on air right now and it doesn't deserve to be cancelled. It has such a diverse cast (two Latina women on the same show, which was rare 5 years ago). This show supports and celebrates LGBT+, come on Fox TV you can do better than to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine! It managed to talk about current political issues, police brutality, transphobia all while being funny. Name one TV show that does that other than Brooklyn Nine-Nine. THIS TV SHOW IS WOKE AND WE NEED TO SAVE IT!! NINE-NINE!!!

We, the undersigned, call on Fox TV to renew Brooklyn Nine-Nine for more seasons.

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