Lansingburgh Board of Education
United States of America

Gordon W. Brown was Principal of Whipple Elementary when it closed in 1975 and then became principal of Turnpike Elementary School, retiring in 1994. The Whipple School along with other Lansingburgh schools were named after men prominent in the oil cloth industry.

It is our desire to have Turnpike Elementary renamed The Gordon W. Brown school in honor of this distinguished citizen of the community who has worked diligently for the students of the Burgh.

Even after his retirement he continued to mentor students and could be seen at many sporting events supporting our schools.

To: Lansingburgh School District Board of Education

We, the undersigned, call on you to rename the Turnpike Elementary School the Gordon W Brown School. Mr Brown has been a distinguished citizen of the community and has committed many years to the students, faculty and families of Turnpike Elementary School. Many school districts have schools named after members of the community including five in the Lansingburgh School District.

Powers in 1872, Whipple in 1882, Whipple Annex, Haskell in 1883 and Knickerbacker in 1957. We believe it is just and right this pillar of the community should be honored in this way.

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