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I think it's time that we had a serious debate about renaming Margate 'Stargate'.

It would increase tourism, as visitors from other dimensions would finally find a friendly place to visit on Earth that isn't NORAD or under loads of ice (as I seem to remember from the film/TV series - I am willing to be corrected on this point). Our intergalactic friends would find such overlooked treasures as The Mad Hatter's Tea Rooms (+44 (0)1843 232626) and the Shell Grotto (+44 (0)1843 220008; shellgrotto.co.uk.).

Disregarding space tourists it would also, surely, bring some light into the otherwise dank, miserable existence of those currently condemned to living in the town we currently know as Margate.

Finally, and most importantly, if we are successful in this relatively modest campaign we would have the collective bargaining power to lobby the Government for a return to the Goa'uld standard.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to listen to its citizens and rename the town of Margate 'Stargate'.

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