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For over 100 years in Crestone, Colorado, there has been confusion over what the real name of the main mountain above town is called. Locals, since as early as 1882, always called the mountain “Crestone Peak”, and the town was named after the mountain.

Officially since 1970, this 14,165’ mountain has been named “Kit Carson Mountain” (it was officially named “Kit Carson Peak” from 1906 thru 1969), even if most residents don’t care for that name, nor call it that. Two of its three highest peaks are officially named “Challenger Point” and “Columbia Point”. Its highest peak has no official name at all.

When the mountain was re-named in 1906, nobody in Crestone was told about this and the town didn’t even know of the name change until the 1940s. You can read more on this at this web page: http://crestoneeagle.com/archives2008/apr08_b1.html

The time has come to correct this 104 year old problem. The people of the Town of Crestone are officially co-proponents of two proposals before the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN). For the first proposal, since the name “Crestone Peak” has been officially given to another mountain south of Crestone, this proposal calls on the BGN to rename Kit Carson Mountain, “Mount Crestone”. The second proposal calls on the BGN to name Kit Carson Mountain’s unnamed highest peak “Tranquility Point”.

We, the undersigned, ask the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), to vote to approve the two proposals before them regarding renaming Kit Carson Mountain in Saguache County, Colorado, to “Mount Crestone”, and to name its unnamed highest peak “Tranquility Point”.

We also call on the US National Forest Service to end their objections to these proposals and support the Town of Crestone and the residents of the greater Crestone region who wish to see this 104 year problem, finally solved.

The Rename Kit Carson Mountain in Colorado to Mount Crestone petition to U.S. Board on Geographic Names, and US National Forest Service was written by Keno Menechino and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.

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