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Simply mind blowing. Not two days after 14 were slaughtered in San Bernardino by radical Islamic terrorists and Loretta Lynch goes and talks in front of a Muslim advocacy group ensuring them that she will go after anyone who commits what she deems to be “hate speech” against Muslims.

She also said her greatest fear is violence against Muslims. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! As far as I know there weren’t attacks against Muslims after 9/11. Not the way she is insinuating.

I warned everyone about Loretta Lynch. Talking heads said how fair and professional she was. But she is in the tank for Islam just like Obama is and she is more concerned with protecting the Islamic community from hate speech than Americans from terrorism. She didn’t even mention San Bernardino during that talk and it happen just 48 hours before her speech.

We as a people should be afforded the opportunity to voice our concerns as we see fit without Political ramifications as long as they fit the parameters of the law.

Someone who holds the office of the "Top Cop" should know the letter of the Constitution and not be allowed to pervert it to be benevolent to me particular religion or race.

Promoting one sided "justice" to one group of people for American Citizens exercising their right to free speech is a fornication of our Constitution and breeds gross incompetence and negligence of their public office.

Her statements and beliefs are one sided, prejudicial and Un American. She has committed Treason.

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