#Children's Rights
Mr. Zol Supermarket

The videomat machine on Palmach Street, located on the outside wall of the Mr. Zol Supermarket there, prominently displays pornographic pictures promoting the pornographic movies it rents out.

In a democratic, pluralistic society, we may have to begrudgingly tolerate the rights of those interested in renting such movies, but we do not have to be subjected to the public display of such material.

It is particularly objectionable that such material is in the easy and almost unavoidable site line of passing children who deserve protection from viewing such degrading and inappropriate pictures.

Mr. Zol should immediately force the removal of these movies from the videomat adjoining its store, or at the very least, insist that the pornographic pictures be covered so someone uninterested in viewing such material -- and in the case of our children, those deserving protection from viewing such material -- can pass by without being subjected to them against their will.

We, the undersigned, all customers in one way or another, call upon the Mr. Zol Supermarket on Palmach Street, Jerusalem, to remove the pornographic pictures from the Videomat located on its property.

If Mr. Zol does not comply, we will be forced to take additional action against the economic interests of the supermarket.

The Remove/Cover the pornography at the Palmach Street Videomat petition to Mr. Zol Supermarket was written by Ian Pear and is in the category Children's Rights at GoPetition.