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Operation traffic signal (ots)

To date the most known dangerous intersection at Bowman rd. and South Downs st. on the east side of the city in Ridgecrest ca.

South Downs st. is a 4 lane divided road with thru traffic.

Bowman rd is a cross street thats stretches across South Downs going in either direction.

Bowman rd is a 2 lane undivided rd which contains a stop sign going in either direction that intersects with South Downs st.

There is a median on the south side of Bowman on South Downs st. that continue to be unsafe. Elements that are contained within the median apear to many citizens as well as drivers to cause a major dangerous blind spot turning north onto South Downs or crossing from west to east. It is unsafe for both drivers traveling in either direction of these cross streets.

There have been an unknown amount of accidents at this intersection as well as 4 tradgedys on South Downs alone since 1983.

On april 16th there was another major accident that caused the vehicle to roll and land on its roof at Bowman rd and south Downs once again.

We are so very thankful that the 4 children and adults only sustained minor injurys. There could have very well been tragedys.

Traffic improvements are greatly needed at this dangerous intersection to stop the injurys being caused by blind spots and or out of control traffic (drivers).

Why is there no traffic control at this intersection after so many accidents have happened there and the loss of 4 lives?

If you are a citizen living in the city of Ridgecrest ca. and are aware of the problem at this intersection you are urged to sign this petition to make the intersection for once, safe for all drivers.

Thank you

We, the undersigned call on the city of Ridgecrest in the state of California to take action and have a traffic light installed or use another measure to stop these accidents at the intersection of Bowman rd. and south Downs st. in the city of ridgecrest ca. on the east side of town.

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