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Popular television soap Coronation Street is on three nights a week and draws in huge audiences but why are viewers forced to endure half an hour's gap in the middle of their entertainment of choice? A one hour slot of Coronation Coronation would be far more sensible than the current Corrie Gap which forces people to watch another half hour programmme before they can continue with the programme that they want to watch.

What other television programme has a gap in the middle of it? Is ITV in cahoots with BBC1 so that some keen soap addicts can turn over to watch EastEnders? Those of us who don't follow the goings on in Albert Square are forced to channel hop or watch the usually banal half hour programme that is slotted into the Corrie Gap.

Another advantage of putting Corrie into a one hour slot is that subsequent programmes can start earlier. More Lewis perhaps?

Please support my campaign to end the Corrie Gap.

We, the undersigned, call on ITV to screen Coronation Street as a one hour programme instead of two half hour slots with a half hour interval of alternative programming.

Serialisation of programmes is annoying at the best of times but to do it in the course of an evening is ridiculous.

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