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Petition to have The Church of Scientology's tax-exemption status removed.

Stop the fraudulent "So-Called" religion, that is actually a CULT called Scientology. They have a tax-exemp status as a "Church" yet they ASK FOR MONEY before they share their "knowledge" with the victims...members.

To stop this tax-exempt status sign the petition.

We, the undersigned, believe The Church of Scientology is a cult and not a religion.

Because of this, the Internal Revenue Service should cancel their current tax-exempt status. They should not enjoy tax-exempt status similar to that of other religions, houses of worship, and legitimate social service and educational organizations.

The Church of Scientology has previously been investigated by the IRS and with Tom Cruise so wildly promoting this cult we believe this issue be revisited.

Scientology should be exposed as a dangerous cult.

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