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Radio/Music TV Stations in Ireland

Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max perpetuates a misogynistic, manipulative narrative used by abusers: dismissing a woman's opinion/experience by saying she's crazy.

The song & video also:
-stigmatises, undermines, and misrepresents actual psychotic illnesses.
-makes a profit from misrepresenting mental illness
-is taking a real life problem and making it edgy.

It's not art. It's making a mockery of people who have mental illness/psychosis.
The song is harmful and doesn't have a place on our airwaves.

I'm calling for people to sign this petition to get radio/music TV stations in Ireland to remove the song from their playlists.

Read here: https://www.empwr.ie/single-post/sweet-but-psycho-mental-health-pop-culture

Petition supported by Headline, Mental Health Ireland, and See Change.
Media coverage: Mental Movement Magazine, EMPWR, Headstuff.

We. the undersigned call on Irish radio`and music television stations to remove 'Sweet but Psycho' by Ava Max from their playlists.

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