#Residential Disputes
Sterling Condo residents

Under 9.0 COMMON FACILITIES and subsequent 9.2.15 of Sterling PJ Condominium's House Rules (available on Sterling PJ Condominium's website at http://sterling.my/application/uploads/forms/HousRules.pdf), the rules said :

9.2.15 No Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons are prohibited in the pools.

Apparently this particular detail of the House Rules has been there for a number of years, but throughout the years, this rule has not been 'enforced' by the management and security guards for reasons best known to them. And quite a number of residents have been making use of this common facility (swimming pool) naturally. The usage includes arranging for swimming lessons by private swimming coaches for their children, mainly. These swimming lessons were normally conducted over the weekend and has been a great convenience for parents who are concerned about getting their children proper lessons/know-how in contained-water swimming. Certainly this has been a great benefit of owning a unit in Sterling and arranging for beneficial swimming lessons for our children.

These lessons have been conducted solely via personal arrangements by residents involved and the swimming coaches. As per our guest entry rules, the coaches will enter Sterling normally as guest and make their way to the pool where parents of the children concerned will await, and stay throughout the lessons at the pool, to monitor and wait for their children's lessons to finish for the day.

Now, the recent renovation works to Sterling Condominium's facilities, including the swimming pool' has suddenly been accompanied by 'messages and reminders' by the Management Comms' members including its Chairman, that 'No Swimming Lessons' allowed. Rightfully for them to say it as the said rule has been part of the current standing House Rules.

Therefore, I am initiating this Petition to garner support from residents, to have Point 9.2.15 under the House Rules be removed completely and for the Management Committee to seriously consider and allow the residents to use the swimming pool, in the manner that is rightfully theirs as co-owners of the common facilities, including arranging for private swimming lessons in the pool for their ownselves and for their children.

We, the undersigned, as the owners of residential units of Sterling PJ Condominium, Kelana Jaya, call on the Sterling Management Committee to remove completely point 9.2.15 under the House Rules that forbid Swimming Lessons in our own swimming pool common facility.

Arranging for swimming lessons in the swimming pool is the right of the residents to do so, as co-owners of the condo's common facilities. Not allowing swimming lessons in the swimming pool will present many difficulties to residents, especially those with children that we wish to acquire the swimming skills from young age.


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