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The negative health effects of soy and soy products are extremely high and evident with the multiple studies done on this topic. As a restaurant facility that has targeted itself to health-minded customers, we want Chipotle Mexican Grill to be sure they are understanding these health problems before continuing to allow soybean oil in their foods.

There was considerable research done way back in 1966 about the harmful substance within the soybean. Soy contains several naturally occurring compounds that are toxic to humans and animals. The soy industry frequently refers to these toxins as anti-nutrients, which implies that they somehow act to prevent the body from getting the complete nutrition it needs from a food. The soy toxins (such as phytic acid) can certainly act in this manner, but they also have the ability to target specific organs, cells and enzyme pathways, and their effects can be devastating. As with any toxin, there will be a dose at which negative effects are not observed.

Scientists have known for years that the isoflavones in soy products can depress thyroid function and cause goiters in otherwise healthy children and adults.

And more recently in 2007, the Weston A. Price Foundation began hearing from inmates who were suffering from a myriad of serious health problems due to the large amounts of soy in the diet. These prisoners had found us through the Soy Alert! section of our website. Complaints include chronic and painful constipation alternating with debilitating diarrhea, vomiting after eating, sharp pains in the digestive tract, especially after consuming soy, passing out, heart palpitations, rashes, acne, insomnia, panic attacks, insomnia, depression and symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as low body temperature (feeling cold all the time), brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections and enlarged thyroid gland. Since soy contains anti-fertility compounds, many young prisoners may be unable to father children after their release.

Two senior US government scientists have revealed that chemicals in soy could increase the risk of breast cancer in women, brain damage in both men and women, and abnormalities in infants.

"Dr Fitzpatrick's literature review uncovered evidence that soy consumption has been linked to numerous disorders, including infertility, increased cancer and infantile leukemia; and, in studies dating back to the 1950s, that genistein in soy causes endocrine disruption in animals.

To make matters worse, 91 percent of soy products come from genetically-modified soybeans. The dangerous biotech created science behind the introduction of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is rapidly mounting and can no longer be ignored by scientists or the public.

Several animal studies have found several health issues directly related to the consumption of GM-soybean. Rabbits fed GM-soy were found to have altered enzymatic activity in their livers as well as a higher metabolic activity. Microscopic analyses of the livers of mice fed Roundup Ready soybeans revealed altered gene expression and structural and functional changes. Much of these changes reversed after the mice diet was switched to non-GM soy, indicating that GM soy was the culprit.

The list of side effects will continue to grow as consumption increases of genetically-modified soybean products.

We, the undersigned, petition Chipotle Mexican Grill, to continue its health-minded efforts by eliminating soy products, including but not limited to soybean oil, from all of its food products.

The list of negative health effects of soybean oil, especially considering that 91 percent of soy products are from genetically-modified crops, is quite lengthy and continuing to grow. Among them include chronic fatigue, fertility problems, thyroid dysfunction, and more.

The undersigned believe that Chipotle Mexican Grill is a wonderful example to fast-food restaurants of the ability to maintain integrity and offer healthy foods; and that Chipotle Mexican Grill will continue this example by removing soybean oil from their food, and replacing it with a healthy oil that is not genetically-modified, such as extra-virgin coconut or olive oils.

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