#Roads & Transport
Folsom Mayor and City Council
United States of America

With the finalizing of construction of an apartment complex on Sibley st. and Levy rd. in Folsom, there has been a 4 way stop sign that has been erected. From the South to North direction the 2 lane street drops down to 1 lane just previous to this new stop sign.

It would have been in the interest of reducing traffic to widen out the street around the apartment complex to a 2 lane road, or installing a stop light which would keep traffic flowing on Sibley street more efficiently. However, with this new stop sign, traffic has become severely congested, especially in the morning and afternoon, backing up traffic as far as to the previous stoplight and into the road on Blue Ravine Rd, which is a safety hazard. This has caused increased drive times, traffic and accidents within the very short time that it has been there.

Additionally the residents of the area were not warned and during the day the stop signs are not well marked. We would like this stop signs on Sibley street to be removed entirely, or else a more efficient fix to be put in place.

We, the undersigned, call on the Folsom Mayor and City Council to remove the stop sign on Sibley street at Levy road in Folsom California.

This stop sign has caused serious traffic congestion for people living in this area and for people trying to enter or leave the Folsom area from the West.

Please remove this stop sign.

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