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The Downtown Organization of Santa Barbara & The City of Santa Barbara
United States of America

Each year Planned Parenthood coordinates events throughout Santa Barbara to commemorate the anniversary of Roe vs Wade--a Supreme Court decision made on Jan 22, 1974 to legalize abortion.

This same week, from January 17-24, Planned Parenthood flies more than 100 flags from city lampposts in downtown Santa Barbara on State Street, a display that creates a disturbing, politicized and divisive environment for many Santa Barbara residents and visitors.

We move that the Downtown Organization of Santa Barbara (DSB) remove all future displays of Planned Parenthood flags on State Street from the DSB flag schedule, particularly during the week of January 17-24, when the sight of these flags communicates a public memorial honoring Roe vs. Wade: the legalization of abortion.

Because this display is offensive to many Santa Barbara residents and visitors—signifying the abortion of more than 60,000,000 unborn children since Roe vs. Wade, and the painful impact on many more women and men—and creates a divisive, political atmosphere, we insist that it is inappropriate for display on city flagpoles.

We move that city flag poles never be used as a political canvas by any non-profit, by intention or circumstance, and that the use of city flagpoles be used as promised by the DSB--for the collective benefit of the community and all its members.

We therefore request that the DSB and The City of Santa Barbara establish a display of unifying memorial flags, to be flown each year henceforth, from January 17-24, in honor of the lives lost in the Montecito mudslides, and the first responders and residents who worked tirelessly to rebuild our community.

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