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We are working together to remove the gate at Technology Drive and Saguaro Boulevard.

The gate impedes commercial traffic and potential customers from the businesses located on Technology; specifically U-Haul, Fire Rock Commerce Park, Vans Storage, Bercel Builders, and RE Monks.

The gate is not recognized by MapQuest or Google - therefore many large commercial vehicles end up on Saguaro Boulevard wondering how they are going to make a delivery/pickup from one of these businesses. A large Semi trying to turn around in this area is extremely difficult, they must travel further into the residential area of Fire Rock Ridge and attempt to turn the vehicle around at Last Trail Drive.

We have also seen these large trucks attempting to manuever through the alley way (so they do not have to turn around and go back to Shea).
The residents along Saguaro Blvd. are also prevented access to the Target Center from Saguaro; they must go down to Shea and either do a U-turn or travel west on Shea to the other entrance.

By opening this gate it simplifies the traffic flow, not only allowing customers to readily access these businesses, but also providing a safer (less round about way) to them.

We, the undersigned, call on the Town of Fountain Hills to remove or open the gate at Technology Drive and Saguaro Boulevard.

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