#Gender Rights and Issues
South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE)
South Africa

This past week the CEO of the South African institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE), Manglin Pillay, used his leadership role and public platform of the SAICE magazine to pen a misogynistic article about women in the engineering industry. SAICE has distanced itself from the article, subsequently retracted it and is yet to take any action in response to the article. We at WomEng have issued and stand by our statement for SAICE to act swiftly to remove Manglin Pillay as CEO. His poor and misrepresented facts, blatant sexist comments and unfounded arguments have no place in the engineering sector. We ask you to join us by signing this petition to demand SAICE to set an example by removing Manglin Pillay as their CEO and sending a message to the engineering industry that discrimination of any type will not be tolerated and if the sector truly believes in transformation, they will set the precedent.

We, the undersigned, call on the South African Institution Of Civil Engineering (SAICE) to act swiftly to remove Manglin Pillay as its CEO.

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