Congress and Senate
United States of America

We pay tax on our social security while we are working and then when we reach that age to get social security we have to pay tax on the same social security to the IRS.

We the undersigned, as taxpayers, demand our Senators and Congressmen to reconsider their decision of “taxing our Social Security” after retiring. We Citizens feel that this is a case of double jeopardy by the IRS.

Now is the time to be helpful to your Citizens of your community in their retirement and those who are working toward that retirement.

As average citizens, we face rising costs and an ever increasing tax burden, and we must make difficult choices each day to either eat (cut back) or our medicine.

It’s time to make a change that will help us to meet the needs that we face every day.

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The Remove IRS from Social Security Business petition to Congress and Senate was written by Thomas Guy and is in the category Government at GoPetition.