#Animal Welfare
Kelly Karasinski
United States of America

This petition is to stop an animal hate page that sows animal abuse and is anti pit bull.


We are petitioning against the mentioned facebook page for many reasons.

There are dead pitbull pictures of these dogs on a grill, and mocking jokes about it. There are pictures stolen off pitbull owners' pages and drawn on to be made fun of.

We feel the people on this page cause nothing but trouble, pain, and the threats from them are enormous! We have blocked this page many of times, yet they still seem to sneak around it, please take it down or we will keep fighting to have it removed! We should not have these pictures popping up on our facebooks, we should not have to be made fun of for protecting speechless animals. Does it not say in rules for these types of things to report for them to be removed, well this is us telling you to take it all down, enough is enough!




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