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Google ruined Youtube completely. They started at 2006 by buying it for $1.65 billion. Youtube's design have been re-created every single year, changing the star rating to like-dislike, removing the youtube groups and etc.

They added copyrights, which removed videos and users from the website. Some of the copyright doesn't make sense, because it's not at the right hands. For example Total Drama Series - Yam112003 Endemol , that's wrong. Because the Total Drama series belongs to Teletoon, since they created and aired it at the first time.

The worse thing comes right now, Google Plus.
Google Plus is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc.

They combined Google and Youtube into one.
It's a horrible decide, because with that, we lose our original youtube, instead they force us to put our real names as youtube names.

With the new youtube names, we can't share videos to each other. If you want to share a video with your user name, you have to add a user to the subscription list, then you can share videos. Also with that they removed the friend system.

Google forces everyone to update their youtube channels with Google plus. Because without Google Plus you can't commenting on videos, WHAT AN IDIOTIC MOVE IS THAT!

With these things people would leave Youtube forever.

Google has ruined youtube and turned it into rubbish.

People please sign this petition.

So Google could make a normal design, retreat the star rating, the friend list, commenting, the youtube groups, having normal and fair copy rights and of course removing Google Plus from Youtube forever.

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