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Due to the fact that the team responsible for the development and support of the mobile version of Fortnite does not cope with its duties, please support me in the decision to remove them from work and appoint a new team. Almost a year has passed since the global release of the mobile version (October 11, 2018). From that moment, the mobile version has changed quite a lot. The graphics, performance, comfort of the game have been improved. But still, the feeling that the game has not left the Beta test for all this time, as it is still "raw" (we are talking only about the mobile version). Question: What are the developers doing? This is also evident from the patch notes: in the update, the developers change literally minor elements, such as "increased by a couple of pixels the arrow in the menu that no one saw." At the same time, from the end of the seventh season there is still a known problem with the Prisoner skin, namely the crooked display of his cloak. Why don't developers fix this? Nobody knows. This is also a strange association of mobile players and switchers. It would be possible to reconcile the players with how this idea is to them, and not just combine them. After all, Epic Games, as a real large and self-respecting company, does not have a beta program for testing new items and changes, and they cannot see how this or that update will change the balance in the game. Add to all this terrible support for devices, controllers, constant client errors, graphic flaws in the game, the lack of any justice in matchmaking (although I already mentioned this, there remains one more claim about this), the lack of support is 60 frames per second, and we get "Nice" game. How much should you not love your audience in order to mock it like that ?!

1) Remove the existing development team responsible for supporting the mobile version
2) Assign more competent employees to support the mobile version
3) Fix bugs and bugs to everyone in the mobile version as soon as possible

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