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Removing forced cross platform, for ALL platforms, making it to where we have an option in settings to toggle “Cross Platform (cross platform) on or off, so mobile phones with mobile phones (and tablets), Nintendo switch with Nintendo switch, Console with console (PS4 and Xbox), and PC with PC. Signing this petition would help to try and get Epic Games to listen to our plea and our demands, making the game more fun and enjoyable for all players!

To those on controller, or on mobile phones, or on Nintendo switch, or even PC, sometimes you get caught up in a sweaty build battle and you just panic and don’t know what to do because you’re skilled but not that skilled. What if we could make Epic Games remove or make this feature an option for ALL regular game modes? Nintendo switch players with Nintendo switch players, mobile phones with mobile phones/tablets, Xbox and PS4 with Xbox and PS4, and PC with PC? I want you to sign this petition to get epic games to give us what we want! To make forced cross platform an option we can toggle on/off for all regular modes (duo, squad, and team rumble)! Please help me make this happen, in the name of the old OG’s of Fortnite!

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The Remove Forced Cross Platform petition to Epic Games was written by Braxton Farmer and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.