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Recently, Twitter changed it's policy on URL's within Tweets. It is no longer possible to Tweet a full URL. All are shortened automatically to a "t.co" URL, using Twitter's URL wrapper.

No one would object to something so enterprising, if it was optional. It would even be admissible if third party clients had the ability to post full URL's. Can they? Of course not! Twitter have taken an action which is in danger of making their services useless to businesses and organisations.

Many businesses and organisations spend considerable time and money on a web address which reflects their brand identity. In one fell swoop, Twitter have eliminated this option from Tweets! I have read reports from specialist developers, who have invested heavily in their own link-shortening technology, specifically for use with Twitter, and now cannot use it!

I therefore propose this petition, to push Twitter to allow an option to turn off link shortening.

We, the undersigned, call on Twitter.com to immediately re-instate the option to prevent URL shortening in Tweets, at the users discretion.

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