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So far in the 2011/2012 school year there have been several major incidents that have not been addressed to the satisfaction of the parents in the Belchertown Schools.

As reported by abc News, there was the November facebook "hit list", the December "accidental" shooting of not one, but TWO school bus windows while children were still on the bus, and most recently the numerous very serious bus incidents, one of which is being investigated (I had the details of that incident here previously but due to the sensitive nature of the event and the fact that it was reported to me by a third party, I chose to remove those details) and another that was again, reported on abc News.

Select few parents are even aware of these incidents and many others because of the way the matters are handled by Houle. We should not be learning of these incidents on the news or on facebook- we should be informed by our Superintendent so we know our children are safe and cared for. We understand that there are many incidents every day that can not be reported, but the most serious ones deserve a notice home to parents so we know things are being addressed properly.

As parents, we should be informed that perpetrators are dealt with accordingly- and for each of these instances, one or two days of suspension is NOT appropriate action.

Please join me in expressing that we do NOT want Houle's term as Superintendent of Belchertown Schools renewed. By signing this petition, we will make this clear to our School Committee.

Parents in the Belchertown School System are in need of a Superintendent that informs us of issues that arise within our schools and on our buses so we can be confident that the best interests of our children are served.

We, the undersigned, call on the Belchertown School Committee to end Dr. Judith Houle's role of Superintendent of our schools.

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