#Civil Rights
United States of America

For too long all Politicians, Senators and Congressman and Congresswomen have been lazy and sitting back comfortably ignoring the Minority community. They have not done enough to erradicate racism and harassment.

The 1964 Civil Rights act is a empty promise that just does not deliver. I'm sorry but how can white majority make a policy and law about fairness and equality when they have never been discriminated against or harassed. What do they know about fairness.

I ask that the Congress and the Senate remove all statute of limitations from the civil rights act of 1964. The statute of limitation is a barrier and hindrance to minorities and victims of racial discrimination. Why must it only be 1 year or less to file charges of discrimination against the employer?

Why not put the limitation on the employer and have no statute of limitation for the victim of racial discrimination. Why not let the minorities file charges when they are ready and willing to file. What is wrong with allowing minorities 5 years or ten years? Why ? I'll tell you why, because the way the laws is currently, it favors the employer and allows for them to escape or avoid prosecution if the victim is unable to find an attorney or is unable to deal with the issue right away.

This current limitation has an underlying discriminatory favortism. It allows the employers relief if the victim is unable or not willing to deal with charges immediately. What America says it is for the best for everybody because it ensures the case, memories and witness will all be available and fresh ready to deal with it. But it does not allow for the victim of racism to get a break to look for work elsewhere, recover from the pain and suffering of hostile environment.

The Civil rights Act of 1964 is a slap and an insult to the minority community as it sits without any teeth or power. I believe the 1964 civil rights statute of limitations in discriminatory and must be removed or ammended so it is fair and genuine in in meaning and reason.

I ask all politicians to earn your votes. Either your are with us or against us minorities. Which side do you choose, the discriminatory side or the side of fairness and equality. I suggest you let us minorities decide what is fair and just for us. We don't need a panel of whites or commission of whites anywhere in America comtemplating or reasoning what is fair and waht is not. If anyone knows about unfairness and inequality and injustice it is us minorities not white America. You guys are the ones who dished out the racism and continue.

Currently you white judges and lawyers who are ruling on the side of employers and corporations rather ruling on the sides of victims of racial discrimination. And why would you, the congress, and the senate, allow for the Arbitration of civil rights of minorities. For too long you the Congress and the Senate have done nothing for minorities in America. You have your agendas and your priorities, than when the minoritiy community rises up you get all uptight and racist unwilling to see things our way. Our way is seeking justice and equality not anything more. But you are reluctant to be fair and genuine.

It is time for Congress and Senate to establish an all minority organization and commission that is funded by tax dollars just like other projects you fight for that is near and dear to you. We understand we are not near and dear, but we are tax payers and citizens deserving of fairness. Everytime you meet it is about everything except fairnesds and justice for minorities.

You ignore us and you establish an underfunded EEOC that is a lame duck. You have a US Civil rights Commission that does nothing for us. Just like the INS that was understaffed and inept, so is the EEOC and our states DFEH in California.

I ask that you establish a whole new civil rights commision run by minoritesd only and funded by the government. Minorities spend enough money on taxes and get very little back. You funding for pet projects and other wasteful are quick to form or establish non-minority projects and ignore the people of color.

Please remove all barriers from the 1964 civil rights act and let people of color and minorites have a say in what the Statute of limitations ought to be.

I think the statute of limitation should be 10 years not 1 years. 10 years causes no harm and only benefits the VICTIMS OF RACISM. We minorities no longer trust the racist supreme court to sort it out for us.

We do not want the supreme court ruling on the letter of the law rather than looking at what is moral and what is immoral.

Remove all discriminatory barriers formt he 1964 civil rights act and remove all discriminatory statute of limitations and allow the victim of racial discrimination to bring charges of discrimiantion anytime within 10 years and allow the suspension and tolling of statue of limitations.

Not changing it only shows you are against fairness and equality for minorities and for discrimination because it favors the culprits or offenders.

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