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New South Wales Government

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Dennis Ferguson was sentenced in 1989 to 14 years jail, in the Brisbane Supreme Court, with the Judge saying his chances of rehabilitation were "nil". Ferguson was convicted for kidnapping three children from their NSW home in 1987 and sexually molesting them for three days. In 1988 he was convicted of 19 charges including kidnapping, sodomy, gross indecency, indecent dealing and carnal knowledge.

After his release from jail he broke the terms of his parole by taking a job that gave him access to children and was jailed for a further term. It was alleged that he later re-offended by sexually assaulting a five-year-old Dalby girl at her home in November, 2005. He escaped a further prison term.

We, the undersigned, call on the State Government's Minister of Housing, David Borger, to introduce new laws giving the Government the power to move convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson out of his unit in Ryde and to tighten the rules that dictate appropriate residency for convicted paedophiles.

New rules should absolutely ensure that no further paedophiles are ever placed in this residence or anywhere else in the surrounding area due to ease of access to hundreds of young children. Convicted felons of this nature would have easy access to the numerous schools, scout halls, playing fields, parks and bushland.

Following the current media coverage and pressure from residents, Dennis Ferguson is refusing to leave and under the current terms of his lease he is apparently legally entitled to stay. His rights outweigh the safety of our children.

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