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Plymouth City Council
United Kingdom

THE chief executive of Plymouth City Council has no plans to take a voluntary pay cut.

Barry Keel, yesterday defended his pay of more than £167,000 after his counterpart on Devon County Council agreed to a five per cent cut.

Dr Phil Norrey, the chief executive of Devon County Council, will take a pay cut from £157,000 a year to £149,000. This will bring him below the "fat cat threshold" of £150,000 set by Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister. Mr Brown said last December that "public sector bodies found to be squandering public funds on over-generous salaries for officials, at the expense of services for people, will be named and shamed". The "culture of excess" was defined as public sector pay of more than £150,000 and bonuses over £50,000.

We, the undersigned, call on Plymouth City Council to remove Barry Keel from office. His insensitivity and greed make him unfit to work on behalf of Plymouth's citizens.

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