#Animal Welfare
Hate pages on Facebook, info@facebook.com

This petition is to remove the following discriminating pages from Facebook that condone animal abuse:


We are petitioning against the above pages for several reasons.

The major reason is they all support using pitbulls for dog fighting, have graphic content of animal abuse (videos of pitbulls being shot), and promote all stereotypical pitbull "the killer dog" myths.

As a community these pages instill unnecessary fear and hate in the public, which makes responsible dog owners take the fall. Every bad word about pitbulls outweighs thousands of good ones. The threats, trouble, and pain are felt by each and every responsible pitbull owner.

These pages advocate the death of every single pitbull everywhere by saying "The only good pitbull is a dead one". The types of animal abuse these pages suggest and advocate are unnecessary and it's time for the pages to be removed.

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