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All Australian Motorists

Speed and red-light cameras do NOT save lives - speed and red-light cameras simply raise REVENUE!

For the statistical proof, please visit www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Petition-To-Remove-Cameras.html

Every week there is a new story in the media of yet another innocent motorist being punished - despite doing NOTHING wrong - by yet another flawed or faulty camera.

There are constant reports of how much money these so-called "safety cameras" have collected for the various State governments yet the road toll is NOT going down!

The Police try and justify these blatant revenue raising devices by saying that they are making people slow down and they are therefore saving lives yet the facts show that this is NOT the case. Speed cameras are NOT a deterrent, they do NOT save lives and the general motoring public no longer believes in the speed camera program.

It is time to stand up and fight back and send a loud and clear message to the governments that WE voted in to look after us - that we do NOT want speed and red-light cameras operating on our roads any longer!

For full details about what will REALLY make a difference to our road toll, please go to www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Vision-for-the-Future.html

And, for further information on what you can do to fight back against unjust and unlawful speeding fines and parking fines, please visit our Home page at www.aussiespeedingfines.com

We, the undersigned, call on the State, Territory and Federal governments to remove all speed and red-light cameras from roads across Australia.

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