Channel Ten Australia and All Subsidiaries

Big brother has gone on for way too long! This crap is bombarded on all innocent Free to air Television watchers. This useless waste of television space and not to mention the amount of technology and power consumed to broadcast such a lame television show.

I am disgusted that the powers to be at channel ten actually are behind this retarded garbage, no wonder there are so many unemployed young people who don't care about getting a job when they grow up and all they hear about is a bunch of useless people that sit around this "house" and do nothing but bitch and whinge about each other and then backstab every body, just to win X amount of dollars.

The sad thing is that this so-called "reality TV" is actually fast becoming Reality!!. Probably another reason as to why the obesity rate in australia is going up.... If you are sick of big brother as I obviously am and want to see more quality in the television shows that are being broadcast then please sign here.. Thankyou for your time and support.

We, the undersigned, are asking channel ten and all associated media relating, to lift the level of quality in their broadcasting, and cancel Big brother for good, NEVER to be shown again.

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