#Human Rights

There have been a number of recent cases on Tumblr specifically where hate speech, bullying and the promotion of eating disorders has been allowed to remain on Tumblr.

The effect this is having on a number of users is substantial.

Tumblr claims that they will only remove blogs if they are found to be related to 'bullying, harassment or illegal speech', and this petition has been created because we want to be able to have blogs removed that are also guilty of hate speech.

Tumblr has refused on countless occasions to remove blogs that are in fact guilty of bullying particular individuals and writing hate speech, including posting slanderous material as well as promoting eating disorders, which according to Tumblr is merely 'freedom of speech', thus they refuse to remove these blogs.

It is our argument that Tumblr should be taking more responsibility for content that is posted on their website, as well as taking responsibility for the welfare of its uses. With the rate of online bullying, teen suicides and eating disorders on the rise, Tumblr MUST recognise that more needs to be done to prevent these things within the community on their site.

If you agree that users should have the option to request to have blogs removed that they consider to be harmful to their/others emotional welfare, bullying or advocating hate speech, promoting eating disorders, or targeting particular individuals in which they purposely post negative material with malice, please sign this petition.

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