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Bethel basically owns Redding, California probably over half of our housing is for Bethel followers or students. Honestly, I don't care that Bethel is a church why I want this petition signed is because I have had family and friends go to Bethel for help with a large range of needs; help to go to drug treatment, going through domestic abuse, and needing help as a single mother. This church will only help out people if they join their megachurch, most churches will help no matter your faith.
Not many people know this but the leader of bethel mocks people wearing masks and tell their people to not wear masks and to gather together as much as possible. This group is literally trying to spread covid in our retirement community... there are mostly older people here and I fear for their lives because Bethel have contact with those who are at risk.
My town is threatened to go into the purple zone (which means business shut down) and our mom and pops owned businesses will go under. This threat to go into the purple zone is because Bethel had a huge get-together and or marriage had no safety procedures and about 300 more people got infected on top of their already 300 confirmed cases amongst their care.

I am asking you to sign this because Redding, California has been under the control of Bethel since 1952. Bethel gives the last yes or no for what is being built or being shown in Redding, I've had questions my whole life as to why there were no showings of certain musicals. Bethel has an invisible grasp on Redding, by owning its housing, businesses, and schools!

Bethel wants to spread Covid because they believe that only their God will save people from the virus and only those who deserve punishment get Covid. These people believe they are "little Gods" so they believe with enough prayer you will be healed... I've seen it they tried to heal my friends freshly broken leg...
Bethel has added at least 600 Covid cases in Redding, California and I doubt they have a plan to stop infecting others. And they have no plans on wearing any sort of protective masks

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