#Neighborhood Living
Meg Ham, President, Food Lion LLC Salisbury, NC
United States of America

Shepherdstown ,WV has one small, outdated Food Lion Grocery with narrow, crowded aisles, and a limited selection of local sourced, natural & organic produce, meat and fish as well as national brand products. It is very busy most times of the day as the closest competing grocery stores are located 12 or more miles away. This often means an inconvenient drive for elderly residents as well as busy families & professionals who commute to & from the DC area for work.

Currently, there is a large vacant space for lease next to the store which could be used for expansion and modernization. This space could provide enough room to increase aisles; add more produce selections as well as a fish and meet counter and a large bakery and deli.

We, the undersigned, call upon Meg Ham, President of the Food Lion Grocery Inc, in Salisbury, NC, to provide the citizens of Shepherdstown, WV and its surrounding communities with a larger, modernized grocery at its Maddex Square location in Shepherdstown, WV.

This year (2017) Food Lion is celebrating 60 years of service to communities in 10 states including WV. More than half of your stores in North Carolina and Virginia have been remodeled,

We ask you that Shepherdstown, WV be the next community to receive the benefits of a 21st century Food Lion grocery experience. “If you build it, we will come!”

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