Planet Moon Studios

Who remembers giants? Well EVERYONE does! The ratings were sky high and the game screamed and oozed hours of fun, the single player, although weird was addicting and fun, something you could replay and replay and replay, the multiplayer was massive, there wasnt a day that went by that i wasnt sat for a few good hours at the PC playing Giants multiplayer!

There are hundreds of people out there, in forums, online gaming sites and social networks that agree with remaking giants, it was once massive and can be again!

We, as a LARGE gaming community, both old time gamers and modern gamers, call Planet Moon Studios to rethink, re-evaluate and REMAKE Giants Citizen Kabuto in the name of GREAT gaming and childhood enjoyment!

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The Remake Giants Citizen Kabuto for Modern Platforms petition to Planet Moon Studios was written by Rebekah Kelly and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.