I loved the original as did many others I looked forward to it for years.
When I played it i was so happy with all the more fleshed out content story wise.
Honestly it was so good in the details its exactly like fans want it to be.
It was so good right untill the floaty ghosts started showing up and scaring aerith and cloud its just added fluf and visually pointless to add... some things are more impactfull if you let it have mystery... I get the planet has a voice but this is just ridiculous with the destiny bullshit added.to it later in. it needs to go....

The death of Shinra is also so mishandled let them have their speeches when they are captured. that was good. throw them in jail. let the doors go open cause sephiroth went berserk. and them let them find his body dead that was a major plot point that was so cool and now its just garbage. baret dying and 5 seconds later resurrecting what is that about???

let rufus be the ending boss he is the big bad anyway and he is cool.

all the flash forwards and warnings off the future is also giving away all the major plots off the game allready.. so fucking mad.. resist the temptation guys...
just let them have the chase escape with the bike and car have a fancy cutscene where they travel the midgarplains and roll credits.

All the sephiroth coming out off nowhere and the fight and teleporting thing and the destiny crap is just stupid. sephiroth is the bad guy for the ending off part 3 not 1 its just a joke that its allready there so sad. just cut it.. and again with all the ghosts its so bad...

I love all the the other stuff that was added. the characters, the vibe, the music reinmagined some off it was fluf but most was so good just these things :/

We, the undersigned, call on Square Enix to just correct the storyscenes to the original so it flows more with the original with a patch.

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