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An 84ft 4G Verizon Wireless cell tower is currently being installed on a private lot DIRECTLY adjacent to Elk Meadow Elementary School! The City of Bend issued the Conditional Use Permit in the fall of 2017 without notifying the parents of these students - most learned of the tower only after construction started in July 2019, two years after the city's deadline to appeal!

There are NO BENEFITS to having a cell tower operating this close to an elementary school (young children absorb radiation at a far greater rate than adults) and the RISKS ARE MANY!
- multiple forms of cancer
- attention disorders
- sleep disorders
- memory problems
- tremors
- dizziness
- depression
- headaches

Our local and state governments can do little to stop/relocate this tower now that the permit's been issued. Our best chance of stopping this is to appeal to Verizon Wireless to relocate the tower.

We, the parents and neighbors of Elk Meadow Elementary students, MANY OF WHOM ARE VERIZON CUSTOMERS, are asking you, Verizon Wireless, to stop the construction and operation of the Verizon cellular tower (code reference OR-6 Elk Meadow) located adjacent to Elk Meadow Elementary School at 60838 Brookswood Blvd, Bend, Oregon. PLEASE RELOCATE THE TOWER TO A MINUMUM DISTANCE OF 1,300ft FROM THE SCHOOL PROPERTY, a distance numerous scientific studies have indicated as the threshold of greatest risk.

Significant evidence garnered from independent, peer-reviewed scientific journals suggest that full-body exposure from RF radiation - which is emitted non-stop, day and night from cell towers - may cause multiple forms of cancer and many neurological disorders, and it is well documented that children absorb RF radiation at a much higher rate than adults. Young children’s cells are still dividing as their brains and bodies grow. They are unequivocally the most vulnerable population in this regard. Recently, a large body of scientists and health professionals have called for the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s classification of RF radiation to be upgraded from “possibly carcinogenic” to “carcinogenic.” We recognize that this cellular tower complies with FCC regulations, but WE ARE GRAVELY CONCERNED THAT THE EXISTING GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS ARE OUTDATED AND DO NOT ADEQUATELY PROTECT OUR CHILDREN.

In addition, there is a real concern about the safety of Elk Meadow Elementary in the event of a fire ignited by the tower or ancillary equipment. This is not a safe location to install such a communication facility as our dry Central Oregon environment and densely forested neighborhood would increase the likelihood of a fast-spreading burn should a malfunction on the tower occur, quickly spreading to both the elementary school and populated residential community.

There are multiple nearby lots outside of this critical 1,300ft distance from the school that will still provide Verizon Wireless with improved coverage and will NOT put over 500 children at risk each year. In fact, the lot on which this tower is being erected is in the far west corner of the “service objective” area Verizon’s own team identified, not near the middle as would seem fit to provide for more optimal coverage. As this is a long-term investment for Verizon, we ask you to take the prudent approach today rather than face the possible devastating consequences which could result in legal action in the future. Help us protect our schoolchildren from the damaging effects of RF radiation while they are so young and vulnerable. PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO RELOCATE THIS TOWER!

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