Union Rep for U.S. Postal Service
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Montegut, La Postal Delivery Driver is rude, leaves mail in wrong boxes, has horrible people skills, is unprofessional, withholds mail, doesn't deliver mail, doesn't pick up mail, damages said mail, leaves pkgs anywhere on property she pleases. She has numerous complains of a small town of approx 1800k ppl. Packages arrive scanned at our local PO but never make it to our homes. Very unprofessional and rude to her route people. Needs social skills and professionalism. Majority of Montegut want her GONE!

We, the people of Montegut, La and nearby areas would like the relocation or termination of one postal delivery driver, Jacqueline "Jackie" Johnson due to her incompetence and rude behavior, as well many other offensives she's created to the ppl of Montegut, La.

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The Relocate or Terminate Jacqueline "Jackie Johnson petition to Union Rep for U.S. Postal Service was written by Montegut Residencies and is in the category Government at GoPetition.

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