City of Cape Town
South Africa

The City of Cape Town has employed stealthy tactics. With zero public participation and no environmental impact analysis, the City is trying to proceed with the construction of an industrial desalination plant on the Mouille Point beach promenade and high-density residential area.

We understand the significance of water, and a desalination plant has been necessary for some time. But our plea is simple; relocate the plant. There are several suitable, less invasive location options, either within the many industrial sites within the Cape Town harbour or alternatively next to the unused vacant lot adjacent to Cape Town Stadium, Both of these areas are well equipt to host this plant and would not effect the popular public space of the promenade or the Mouille Point residences.

The effects of the 60db (Louder than busy traffic) and air pollution from the generators will affect local property prices, as well as deter holiday makers (close proximity to the Waterfront and the Golf Course) from the area, but will also remove Cape Tonian's from an incredibly popular public recreational space. Not only do people enjoy the parking lot for the spectacular sea views, but the area is a popular dog-friendly beach as well as a favourite surfing location along the Atlantic Seaboard. This land is a treasure for the City of Cape Town broader public, as well as its permanent residence, and neither party has been appropriately considered in this matter..

No environmental impact analysis was performed, this demonstrates a disregard for the delicate ecosystem into which the discharge from the facility plans on pumping into the ocean. This is a concern for the diverse wildlife in the water, including the sea birds, seals, dolphins, sunfish and whales that frequent these waters. The millions of liters of brine pollution (occures as a result of desalination) is also a health and safety concern for those civilians utilize the sea for recreational purposes such as surfing, swimming, diving and, paddle skiing.

Vote to change the location of desalination plant! There is a more suitable solution that can benefit the City's water solutions without compromising the environment, the residents, tourists and the general public.

We the concerned public of Cape Town call on the City of Cape Town find an alternative location for the Mouille Point desalination plant currently under tender number 53S 2017/2018.

We demand that public participation and environmental impact analysis are done as per the Cities mandated obligation in the procurement of this desalination plant.

The Relocate Mouille Point desalination plant petition to City of Cape Town was written by James Bisset and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.