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San Bernardino County Planning Commission
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MetroPCS proposes to establish a 38-foot wireless communication tower with (3) panel antennas and (1) microwave antenna camouflaged as a 40-foot monopine, (1) GPS antenna and (4) equipment cabinets with 2-story of an existing "guest house" structure. The proposed Cell Tower is only 22 feet from Highway 189. The “guest house” is only 8 feet from Holiday Drive, a one-lane private street.

The San Bernardino County , Land Use Services Department issued a Staff Report on December 8, 2011, recommending APPROVAL of Conditional Use Permit, #P201000221/CF, with a Major Variance to allow off-site residential setbacks less than 300 feet. More detail may be found at: http://www.mountainnews.com/news/article_b86e93c0...

The December 8, 2011 Hearing with the Planning Commission was continued to February 9, 2012, and is expected to be rescheduled again.

Alternative sites are available, one of which is the Mountains Community Hospital (MCH). A MCH location offers several advantages to the Lake Arowhead Community over the proposed location across Highway 189 from Stater Bros.

1. The MCH can make good use of the extra revenue. The entire Lake Arrowhead community will benefit.

2. A Cell Tower at the MCH will not be visible from the highway when driving around the Lake. The natural beauty on a scenic lake drive will be preserved.

3. The MCH site provides excellent coverage, because all the big wireless companies have chosen to locate there.

4. The Major Variance for less than 300 feet residential setback will not be required.

5. The outcry from the community will become a Thank You to MetroPCS.

We, the undersigned, call on MetroPCS to relocate the proposed cell tower site to the Mountain Community Hospital.

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