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Nearly 35 minutes of footage was cut from the film and left to rot. Universal Studios has chosen not to release any of the deleted material. They have decided to decide for us, the fans, what we would and would not consider "meaningful". Allowing all of that footage to go to waste would be a huge mistake. The studio could only stand to gain even more money by releasing the film in full. Of the material that was cut, it is known that there was a major character revelation and a scene that featured the long-awaited return of the fan-favorite dilophosaurus. Universal owes to both the fans that have stuck with this franchise for 25 years and to the filmmakers who worked to put those scenes together to release it. Signing this petition will show to the studio that there is a definitive interest in the extended cut, and prove to them how much money they could stand to make by releasing it. Please don't let this footage go extinct!

We, the fans of the Jurassic Park franchise, call upon Universal Studios to release the extended addition of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We believe that releasing the film at its original length would not only be of financial gain, but would also demonstrate dedication and respect towards the fans who have continued to show support for this franchise for over two decades.

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