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In Dec.2006 Robert was arrested and charged with burglary in the 1st. degree, assault, property damage,dwi and c and i.

After Robert refused to plead guilty to the charges and after the home owner where the burglary was supposed to have taken place and the supposed victim of the assault tried to contact the courts and tell them that there was no assault and no burglary the court pulled Robert in revoked his probation and sent him to prison for 15 years and then dismissed the charges.

On the night Robert was arrested he was very depressed and he was guilty of drinking a 5th of wiskey and rolling his car on his mother in laws property trying to take his own life.Robert in no way committed burglary, assault or property damage.

One week prior to this Robert was found unresponsive and was taken to the hospital for trying to take his own life but was released a few hours later.Robert had not been in any trouble since being put on probation in 2003 and he worked hard everyday to take care of his 5 small children and his wife.

Was Robert revoked because he drank whiskey and tried to take his own life? or was Robert revoked because the same judge put him on probation 5years ago because he had a drug addiction which he has since over came and been clean for over 5 years now?

Robert knows that he made some wrong choices but he does not deserve to be taken from his children for 15 years because he was depressed and needed help. Robert was a wonderful father and it breaks my heart to hear my children cry for him. Robert also missed the birth of our 6th child which is now 2 months old. Please help us bring him home to his children.


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