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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are two action-adventure games in The Legend of Zelda series, developed by Flagship (a subsidiary of Capcom).

They were released on February 27, 2001 in Japan, May 14, 2001 in North America, and October 5, 2001 in Europe for Nintendo's Game Boy Color handheld console. On February 27, 2013 both games were re-released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan. The games feature a brighter color palette when played on a Nintendo Game Boy Advance in order to make up for the darkness of the screen, and a special shop is also made available.

After experimenting with porting the original The Legend of Zelda to the Game Boy Color, the Flagship team supervised by Yoshiki Okamoto began developing three interconnected Zelda games that could be played in any order. The complexity of this system led the team to cancel one game. In Seasons, the Triforce transports Link to the land of Holodrum, where he sees Onox kidnap Din, the Oracle of Seasons.

In Ages, the Triforce transports Link to Labrynna, where Veran kidnaps Nayru. The main plot is revealed once the player finishes both games. The player controls Link from an overhead perspective, with the same control scheme from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Game Boy. Link is armed with a sword and shield as well as a variety of secondary weapons and items for battling enemies and solving puzzles. The central items are the Rod of Seasons, which controls the seasons in Holodrum, and the Harp of Ages, which lets Link travel through time in Labrynna. Before he can infiltrate Onox's castle and Veran's tower, Link must collect the eight Essences of Nature and the eight Essences of Time, which are hidden in dungeons and guarded by bosses.

I, the undersigned, call on Nintendo to make The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, as well as The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, available in both the USA and Canada, for the 3DS Virtual Console!

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