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Ryan Murphy

A huge part of the Glee fandom is bursting with joy when you, Mr. Ryan Murphy, released the famous "box" scene. Now, you just promised the "bridesmaid" scene tomorrow, August 2nd, which will make happy a huge part of the fandom as well.

Now, we, as Sebastian Smythe and Grant Gustin fans, want to ask you to please release the "I Want You Back" performance.

Not only it was one of our favourite songs of the episode, but it included one of the few shared scenes between Sebastian and Blaine on Season Three. Most importantly, we would really appreciate Grant's and all the Warblers hard work to be recognized and shown to the entire fandom.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, ask Ryan Murphy to release the "I Want You Back" performance from the eleventh episode of the third season of Glee.

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